View Full Version : OS X tiger cannot see server

2006-12-03, 22:15
I have a powerbook running os x tiger 10.4.7. When I ran panther, I could see my server running slimserver fine. The browser accessed slimserver via http://gizmonet:9000

When I upgraded to tiger, I lost all access to the server. The server is running debian sarge.

Now when I enter http://gizmonet:9000 i end up at http://gizmonet.blogspot.com

If I try to ssh in, I enter a password (it never asks me for which account), and the password always fails. I have another computer (windows 2000) running wired connection to my network and it can see slimserver fine, and I can log into the server via ssh.

The powerbook cannot see the server whether it is connected wirelessly or wired to the network. The powerbook does connect to part of the network though because I can successfully print using a network address to my network printer.

I realize this may be beyond the scope of the slimserver forum, but any help would be appreciated.



2006-12-03, 23:16
Try using the server's ip address instead of gizmonet (e.g., http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:9000 instead of http://gizmonet:9000).

2006-12-04, 07:59
And then edit your /etc/hosts to include gizmonet pointing to that IP again.

The reason you are connecting to tyhe blogspot site is that your machine does not have a local definition for "gizmonet" and instead is relying on an external domain name server.