View Full Version : Plugin to save current radio song's info?

2006-12-03, 12:28
Is there a plugin that would allow me to save the currently playing streaming radio song's info (artist, title, etc.) to a text file? I primarily use my Squeezebox to listen to streaming Internet radio stations. Occasionally I'll hear a song that I really like. I then write down the song's artist and title, so that I can look up more info about it, buy the CD, etc. later. When I hear a good song I would like to be able to:
1. Using the remote press the right arrow button and then have a menu item to "save song info", much like you can add to favorites now.
2. When you select this magical "save song info" menu item the slimserver would append to a text file the currently playing song's artist, title, etc.

Then I could periodically check this file and have a complete list of all the good music I want to research. Does something like this exist?

2007-08-16, 02:19
reviving this as my office squeezebox stays tuned to internet radio during the day and there are often tracks I hear that I'd like to remember/research/buy. A plugin such as this would be extremely useful for this scenario and doesn't seem like it would be very complex.