View Full Version : "No album" when listing by artist

2006-12-02, 13:01
Slightly annoying, can't figure this out. Have turned on "group compilation albums together" but it's still not behaving as expected...

Basically when I select any artist that has a track without an album title I get a "No album by" followed by a list of several dozen other artists that also have tracks without an album title in the tag. In other words SlimServer treats it as a compilation album with no title.

Highly annoying as when I rip stuff from chart compilation CDs (eg Now albums) I usually leave the album title out as these tracks just get played singly.

Using SlimServer 6.5.0 - is this bug fixed in 6.5.1 or should I file a bug report?

2006-12-03, 01:25
Don't file a bug report until you have tried 6.5.1, there are lots of bug fixes.