View Full Version : server 6.5 broken on ubuntu edgy?

2006-12-02, 12:47
Till today i was very happy with my slimbox and with the slimserver ...

Well i'm still fine .. but well edgy + slim6.5 sucks ...

Hi i tried to upgrade from 6.2 to 6.5 and i failed
(simulateneously i moved to ubunty edgy from dapper .. probably it was too much).

Everything seemed fine, but the web interface produce no output.
First the skin was debian and i was ok, since that skin was ugly i decided to switch to default and then all output was gone.

I tried to remove the package, and also
to remove everything in /var/share/slimserver and /etc/slimserver and to install again ..

No way.

Worst i had to change the box firmware many times ... GOD typing my wep key is BORING ... is that so complicated to store
it in a part of the box not affected by firmware change.

Also, One script create a template directory, and there i don't know whoat the writter had in mind when calling a directory /template/home/user/ ...

I really tripled checked that i was not removing my home directory.

Well according to me 6.5 is just a waste, 6.2 is ok...

I don't know why in software engineering the trent is always let's break what works and had some fancy things instead on working on the important bugs and problems.

Anyway i had to rebuild 6.2 using the SlimServer_v6.2.2/Bin/build-perl-modules.pl script.

Last i also had problems on ubuntu dapper reading ogg or with server not seing so files (even after rescan) ... ok i have like 12000 tracks but for a modern computer this is nothing.

Well if you have ubuntu edgy and slimserver 6.5 (either test, beta or stable) working nicely let know.

2006-12-02, 14:55
Hi bretonfou

Welcome to the slimserver forums. We're kind folks and expect others to be
kind as well. Arriving here and start complaining without even say hello
isn't very nice. Chances to get help are much better if you stick to facts
and give real information: how did you install (debian repository?
Download from slimdevices.com? .tar? .deb?), what exact version, what
error message you get. Step by step information of what you're doing.

> Well i'm still fine .. but well edgy + slim6.5 sucks ...

Good to know it's the two of them as for the rest of your mail you're only
complaining about slimserver.

[let's skip the rest as it's only confirming your nickname]



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