View Full Version : nicecast stream imac via slimserver

2006-12-01, 17:34
Hi Guys,

have been struggling with my imac G5 (Tiger), itunes, nicecast, slimserver(6.5.1) and squeezebox1 all night and I give it up. Who can help me?

This is what I want: although I like slim server, I want to stream itunes directly via the squeezebox to HiFI. Nicecast could do that, but I cannot 'tune in' on the slim server.

So : nicecast is running itunes, via other players I can hear the stream (local on my mac http:/ In my slimserver I can play the itunes lib. and also play other streams, like internet stations. But the above stream does not play via the slimverver and SB1, while I can play anythingelse wi the slim server and SB1 withour any trouble (and can hear it via QT or simular)

Any ideas???

Jeroen Wissink

2006-12-02, 05:42
I tried this once and got it to work. I forget if I needed AlienBBC or just SlimServer.

But what I do recall is that I created a playlist Nicecast.pls (which I still have) that read

Title1=Daniel Cohen's Broadcast

and played that playlist.

2006-12-03, 03:29
thanks for the tip : just copied the playlist, added ...:8000/listen.m3u.., since that was the stream on my mac, and it now works .