View Full Version : Setting TSOP, TSOA sorting tags?

2006-12-01, 12:55
Ok, not much action in the original thread I mentioned this as an afterthought, so here's one specific to these tags.

TSOP, TSOA and TSOT frames (sorting tags for Performer, Album and Title) - Slimserver supports them and I'd LOVE to use them.

I don't have any editor at the moment that can apply them.

Ideally I'm looking for a way to do this on a Mac - any ideas?

Failing that, I own licenses to Dr.Tag, Tag&Rename and one other I haven't used in ages. If any of those can do it I can connect my library to one of my PC's with a bit of hassle. I'd prefer not to have to register another tagger, but in the worst case scenario, these tags are important enough to me that I would do that.

Oh, I'm fine even if it has to be a command-line tool (that can be run or compiled on a Mac from source). Again, not ideal, but I'll take anything at this point.

So, recommendations?