View Full Version : RE: to scroll or not to scroll (was X10 Plugin)

Laurence Hardwick
2003-12-20, 01:17
Eric said
> Below is a snippit from X10.pm that shows you how I did it.
> -Eric
> snip

I was thinking about the design overnight
here is what I would like to see in my ultimate
X.10 intrerface with the Slim controls / display.

Map the x.10 concepts to the the player concepts.

TRack -> Device
Album -> Room
Playlist -> Them or mood (collection of setting)

Map the controls
Play -> On
Stop -> off
>> -> Brigtness up
<< -> Brightness down

Then implement a menu structure for the controls
which behaves like the rest of the interface
controlled through up, down, left, right.

Hose power control
Browse devices
device 1
device 2
Device n
Browse rooms
Room 1
Device 1
DEvice 2
Room 2
DEvice 1
Device 2
Browse moods (not sure about he word to use here)
Room a, Device x
Room a, device y
Room b, DEvice z
Home theatre

This then allows devices, entire rooms, or
particular prefered moods to be switched on
or off easily through a single common interface

The assignement of devices, rooms and mood setting
would then be set through the Web interface
to the player. In a very similar manner
to the current set up for music.

Regards Laurence