View Full Version : MP3 Files won't play in Softsqueeze - FIXED

2006-11-30, 13:49
I was having problems playing mp3 files on my Softsqueeze player - it could play other files (flac) fine, and my Squeezebox could play the mp3s just fine. But whenever I tried to play an mp3, it would never do anything - it was permanently "stopped."

Basically, I fixed the problem by getting rid of the Java MP3 plugin - after reading mrfantasy's post on the problems he was having with FLAC (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=27084&highlight=softsqueeze+mp3+flac), I decided to try uninstalling the Java MP3 plugin... and after doing so, and then restarting, Softsqueeze now plays MP3s just fine.

Of course, since I've been using the same version of the Java MP3 plugin, and semi-recently upgraged Slimserver and Softsqueeze, I suspect the root of the problem may be with one of these, not the Java MP3 plugin... but the JLayer implementation works fine enough, and I don't really notice a performance hit using it, so I'm happy enough with the Java MP3 plugin. (My music collection is mostly FLACs, with only a few MP3s, which is probably why I didn't notice the problems with softsqueeze and MP3s immediately after upgrading.) Slimserver was version 6.5.1 (11-30-06 build), and Softsqueeze was 3.2.1

If anyone else was experiencing similar problems, hope this helps!