View Full Version : Tough Problem Running Multiple Softsqueeze Instances

2006-11-29, 21:19
I've been using slim server and softsqueeze as a poor-man's whole house audio system for about 6 months or so. I had been running three instances of Softsqueeze headless and slim server on one old pentium 3 machine sitting in my basement.

I recently built a machine from mostly spare parts to replace the old pentium. This machine has an on-board sound card. I first got everything working using just the on-board card. One instance of Softsqueeze running headless and slim server. So far, so good.

However, when I installed the second card, the name of the audio mixer is exactly the same as the on-board card. In my case, that's "C-Media Wave Device". Now, if I use that name in the command line to start softsqueeze, all I get is "[SlimTCP-1] WARN softsqueeze - Lost contact with Slim Server" in an infinate loop.

Softsqueeze does seem to work if I use the GUI, although it won't play though the second sound-card, no matter what audio mixer I pick.

If I look at the name in the Sounds and Audio Devices utility in the control panel, it also shows two of the exact same named devices, although it did put a "(2)" after the second one in the list.

If I change the default audio device in the control panel to the second card - "C-Media Wave Device (2)", then softsqueeze will play through the second card, but not the on-board card no matter what mixer I pick.

It's like it can't tell the difference, so it just uses the windows default sound device.

Any one know of another way to address the audio device in the -Daudio.mixer flag? The other option I thought of was to rename the device in the registry - but that makes me a bit nervous.

Any other ideas?