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2006-11-29, 20:50
A 'Suggestions' forum. Ideas for SlimServer, new products, the web site, documentation, whatever. There's a fair amount of this in General, plus some in Beta and even Developers. Just seems like a logical division to me.

Instead of an endless, very general, 20 page "What do you want in SlimServer 7.0" thread, it would be encouraged to discuss the pros and cons of each idea.

A lot of suggestions (enhancement requests) can go into bugzilla, but that isn't really the place to discuss them, and you'll never get much of a dialog going even if it were.

2006-11-29, 22:31
i completely agree.

i think the whole forum needs a big redesign, but thats a great one to start.

2006-11-30, 07:40
Yup, I think a forum devoted to the Transporter might be useful too.