View Full Version : How does "file types" work?

2006-11-28, 12:05
Specifically, if you have more than one style checked, what is the behaviour of Slimserver?

for example,

MP3 --> MP3(built-in) (streams MP3)
MP3 --> lame/InguzDSP (streams FLAC)

If both are checked, will it stream in the built in when I am not using InguzDSP and switch if I use the Inguz plug-in?

Or, if I ONLY check MP3 --> lame/InguzDSP (which streams in FLAC), does that mean all MP3's will only stream in FLAC?

2006-11-28, 13:05
The precedence depends on what kind of client it is. See, for example, post 5 in ... http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=29822&highlight=precedence


2006-11-28, 14:25
THanks Ceejay - that answers the MP3 question. Since InguzEQ streams in FLAC and FLAC takes precendence over MP3, all MP3 files will stream in FLAC when InguzEQ is active (if I read the post and understood correctly).

What about if both FLAC (included) and FLAC (FLAC/InguzEQ) are checked? Which would take precendence in this case? Or should one only choose one or the other within file types?