View Full Version : more than one set of speakers?

caroline nixon
2006-11-28, 10:41
Can the squeezebox output music to more than 1 set of speakers? eg if I connect my amp and speakers to the phono sockets, can I also plug in powered speakers to the headphone socket?

Mark Lanctot
2006-11-28, 12:07
Yes, all the outputs are active at all times: analog, headphone, digital optical, digital coaxial.

Note it would be a bad idea to drive active speakers off the headphone output though. There's a small amplifier in this already, amplifying an already-amplified signal leads to audible noise and distortion. You can hear for yourself if you try the same speakers out using the analog and headphone outputs.

It would be better to use a splitter on the analog outputs to send the signal to two speaker systems.