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2006-11-28, 05:05
Hi all

I have been running slim 6.2.2 succesfully on my HS300 LS for 1 week now(openlink with mods for HS unit-2.6 kernel).

One problem however, is that the time stops being updated at midnight every night. Every morning when I check at about 9am the time shows on the squeezebox as 00:00:02. I have reset the time most mornings and the same happens the next day.

the update time function shows as disabled in the LS ipsetup application(not sure I trust this app now I'm running a different firmware).
Also, if I set the time at 09:00, by 18:00 the clock is running about 6 mins slow.

Has anybody else had these problems, or know of a fix. Its a real pain because I use the time as the OFF screensaver on the squeezebox.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



2006-11-28, 07:30
The time is taken from slimserver which in turn gets system time from the Linkstation.

I am running SS 6.3.1 on an NSLU2 NAS and I have installed ntpclient to overcome time inaccuracies. However I don't know how Linksation handles time, I suggest you look on the Linksation forum for solutions, as this problem is more to do with the NAS than Slimserver.

From what I have seen on various forums, poor timekeeping on NAS servers is not unusual and the 6 mins you mention seems typical.

2006-11-28, 23:18
swet, I don't know about the HS300, but the ntp sync'ing with the stock web interface worked fine on my HD-HG250 when I was running openlink. If your firmware hack broke the stock internet time sync then you should be able to install a generic version. The linkstationwiki.net site and/or forum should be able to point you in the right direction if you need help.

I haven't seen the clock drift that Ramage mentions -- on my LS I sync the time once a day, and according to the logs it's never more than a (very small) fraction of a second off.

2006-11-29, 02:41
Hi Aubuti

thanks for the info. Unfortunately I don't have internet connection on my LS. I run a simple LAN using 'homeplugs' around the house mains, so I don't use a router. I'm not sure its possible to connect the LS to the internet via the pc(which has broadband ISDN) and if it were I wouldn't have a clue how to configure it.

The sinister bit is that the clock stops at midnight, which suggests it might be looking for an regular scheduled update. I just don't know enough about linux to know where to look. I have posted on the LS wiki forum but so far no response.



2006-11-29, 06:21
Is your PC running and connected via ISDN all the time or only sporadically?

I assume your problem is due to the LinkStation not having a lower stratum NTP server to synchronise its clock to and only capable of keeping time for so long.

You could try to enable your PC to act as an NTP server (google for 'Enable NTP server Windows XP') and configure your LinkStation to use the PC as time reference. Your PC should itself already synchronise time with Internet sources and if you connect once in a while you should be OK.

I don't know what you run on your LinkStation but configuration parameters for NTP is usually kept in /etc/ntp.conf.

2006-11-29, 06:33
I'm not sure its possible to connect the LS to the internet via the pc(which has broadband ISDN) and if it were I wouldn't have a clue how to configure it.

If you have two network cards in your PC it is easily done. Just enable Internet Connection Sharing to allow computers on a network connected to the first network port to access the Internet via the other network port. Google for an exact description.

2006-11-29, 10:47
Thanks bergek

I'll get on it. I knew I'd have to put my hand in my pocket. I only have two homeplugs at the moment, which are usually connected to the LS and the squeezebox. If I need to telnet into the LS I steal the one from the squeezebox....Oh well!!!