View Full Version : Synology / 60'000 tracks

2006-11-27, 14:37

I currently have a couple of external USB drives attached to a pc running slimserver. I'm just thinking of buying a Synology Disk Station DS-106.

I have two main questions

a) has someone tried out to use synology with over 60k tracks? if so, how is the performance?

b) how many external USB drives can i attach to the synology. I saw in the specs, that it has 3 USB ports, but if I add a USB hub, can I then add more USB disks?


2006-11-28, 01:18
It's a bit slow even without that many tracks, due to the small amount of RAM. We would need at least the Swiss DS-106x with 128MB, preferably more, for decent performance at scanning and searches.

You can not use a USB hub with the DS-106, and if you're thinking of having that many drives then better buy a DS-406 and use your current USB drives for backup.

2006-11-28, 14:25
thanks for your answer. in this case i think i still will wait some more time... for faster solutions :-)