View Full Version : Scanner.exe crashing, iTunes library, solution!

2006-11-25, 19:32
Given I didn't search super hard, but I couldn't find a solution to the scanner crashes I was having. But, I just figured it out and thought I'd share in case someone else has the same issue.

I use SlimServer with the iTunes library options. I had tracks that were in the iTunes library but couldn't be found due to the fact that the actual file names were truncated during a massive library copy. I'd assume you'd get the same crash if there are certain tracks in the iTunes library but the actual file has been renamed or just isn't there. When the scanner.exe prog hit those files in the iTunes library it crashed.

This is on XP, latest build of SlimServer 6.5.1:

If you are using the iTunes database exclusively, and the scanner.exe prog crashes every time it runs, to find the tracks that are causing it do the following:

0. Stop SlimServer and scanner if they are already running.
1. start->programs->accessories->command prompt
2. type: "c:\program files\slimserver\server\scanner.exe" --d_import --d_scan --d_info --d_itunes --wipe --progress --itunes
3. press enter.

This should wipe the SlimServer DB, and reimport from the iTunes library. If the scanner crashes before finishing, the last song displayed in the Command Prompt is the/one of the problems. Open iTunes, find the file and fix it so that iTunes can find the file, quit iTunes, and restart the scan. Rinse, repeat until it completes the scan.

Worked for me!