View Full Version : SB3 wireless fixed -- Thanks Support !!!

2006-11-25, 12:57
Hi everyone:

Originally had problems with wireless connectivity and SB3. Using Draytek 2800 router.

Just to say well done to the guys at support. Credit where it's due...the latest firmware (using 64) seems to be spot on fixing the previous problems. So well done slim support staff...you promised to fix and you did!


SB3 running firmware 64
Draytek Vigor 2800 VG running firmware 2.7.1

2006-12-21, 03:46
I think I have already spent far too much of my time trying to get the SB working with wireless. It will not connect to my Draytek 2800 or D-Link Access points period.

Ethernet is fine.

Wireless stopped about three months ago and that is it.

Any ideas would be helpful.

It sees the SSIDs but will not connect even without encryption enabled.

2006-12-21, 14:53
Check the MAC address in the SB settings matches that printed on the bottom of the unit. If it doesn't it has been corrupted and you can read:


for info on correcting it.


2006-12-21, 22:05
My mac address got corrupted recently, and my SB3 would not connect to my network. I spent all day futzing with it and was about to unhook my SB3 and take it to the computer to try an ethernet connection when I noticed the mac address printed on the bottom. I had run through the settings several times and seen the mac address on the machine, so I knew right away they didn't match. Once I entered the correct address, it connected right away.