View Full Version : Mono mix from Squeezebox 2

2006-11-25, 03:26
Is there anyway to get the Squeezebox2 with (6.5.0) to mix stereo sources to mono output on the line level outputs please? If not could this be a firmware wishlist item please?

I have a pair of wireless speakers that I use in different rooms. It would be nice to get the "whole sound"; rather than just half of it when I choose.

The wireless transmitter has a "mono" mode but appears to bridge the input channels which seems like a *bad* idea.



2006-11-30, 14:14
Just prodding this thread in the hope of attracting a reply (other than one telling me not to prod threads ;)

Should I submit this as a wishlist bug or is this a really bad idea?


2006-11-30, 15:24
Feel free to create a feature request, but I'm not sure it'll get a lot of support. Whenever I've needed to switch stereo to mono I've just used a splitter cable. Hasn't ever caused a problem for me, but of course use at your own risk.