View Full Version : Slim Devices' address in OUI database out-of-date

Mark Lanctot
2006-11-24, 13:49
DD-WRT router firmware allows access to the OUI datababase for MAC addresses - you simply click on the MAC address, it looks it up.

I just noticed that the OUI data it pulls up for the MAC address of my wirelessly-connected Transporter is out of date:

Here are the results of your search through the public section of the IEEE Standards OUI database report for 00-04-20:

00-04-20 (hex) Slim Devices, Inc.
000420 (base 16) Slim Devices, Inc.
12 South First St.
Suite 103
San Jose CA 95113

You can access this page here:


I'm not sure how important it is to have current information here, I just thought it was an interesting find.

Anyone know when Slim was located in San Jose?