View Full Version : Announce: Ashes edition Test Match Special plugin

2006-11-23, 11:59

I've rewritten my Cricket plugin which will post latest Ashes cricket score
on your squeezebox.
It's now a screensaver, so instructions for installation are:

Download TMS.pm & install into slimserver plugins folder
Restart slimserver.
Select Test Match Special as the screensaver from the web interface.

New features include:

works only in screensaver mode
Now detects wicket, currently only displays 'wicket taken' when this
happens for 3 mins, but scope is to provide out batsman info & more when I
have time.

Please beware because of the rewrite, this is a prototype, so try it out &
let me know if you have any problems. We're a little bit at he mercy of BBC
invision score updates on the web which are generally fast & reliable, but
not always.

Available from: