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2006-11-23, 11:49
Has anyone tried using Slim on the Pepper Pad 3. It looks to me like a pretty ideal super remote (plus lods of other things of course) I know you can stream to it but I wondered how the skins worked on it Touch or Nokia 770 in particular. If anyone has ben playing around and has a screen shot that'd be fantastic...


Mark Lanctot
2006-11-23, 12:51
Never even heard of it until now.


Looks really nice. Runs Linux, has wifi, IR, touchscreen AND a Blackberry-style keypad. 256 MB RAM - it could even run SlimServer on its own! (Don't know whether the processor is up to snuff though.)

Now that would be cool, running SlimServer on the very device you're using as a handheld remote...

It's specifically promoted as a remote control too.

It'd be neat because it has IR, which could be used for super-fast control of the Squeezebox.

Edit: The AMD LX800 is a 500 MHz x86 processor! See here: http://www.amd.com/us-en/ConnectivitySolutions/ProductInformation/0,,50_2330_9863_13022%5E13057,00.html Now I'm almost convinced it can run SlimServer all on its own. It has a 20-30 GB internal HDD so you could store some music. You could store more music on a simple NAS like the Linksys NSLU2 and have it get its music from there, or plug a USB 2.0 HDD into the Pepper Pad's port.

2nd edit: at $699 it sure as heck ought to be able to run SlimServer! Still, it might be a hair cheaper than a laptop if you were planning to use a laptop to control or run SlimServer and nothing else.

2006-11-23, 14:06
$500 on Amazon. New. Some lousy reviews too. Only 802.11b.


2006-11-23, 14:23
thats the original one the pepper pad 3 looks a lot better but not as cheap

2006-11-23, 22:30
I know you can stream to it but I wondered how the skins worked on it Touch or Nokia 770 in particular.

PepperPad3 has a 800x480 resolution screen...exactly the same resolution as the Nokia 770. IMO, Nokia770 skin should work fantastically on a PepperPad, as the CSS in that skin is specifically designed for that resolution. It runs Linux and comes with Firefox 1.5. It'd be a shock if it didn't work great, as that's pretty much the platform I developed the skin on.

Who wants to send me one? ;)


2006-11-24, 08:24
...and the wife to forget the leather wallets and trousers.. got em to club together to buy me a pepper pad 3 instead (yeah I pay for em all anyway)

so ill let you all know how well it works as a slimcontroller (and maybe slim host) Should be here early next week.


2006-11-24, 08:30
If this device could host, what else would you need -- just a router/hub with a networked disk drive?

2006-11-24, 08:38
If the processor is fast enough - id just need to access the network storage (if the 20 gb on the device was not enough) i assume it can see the network shares but hell if all i get is a handy living room linux machine plus uber remote plus slim client Ill be fairly happy. It also seems to be splash resistant which means bathroom slim streaming!


2006-11-24, 08:39
Brilliant! The off-the-shelf truly slim SlimServer I was asking about 6 months ago! And really not a bad price when you consider how much you're getting as compared to what you pay for a typical PDA. The only trick would be having a robust enough wireless infrastructure to handle all the hopping.....

Mark Lanctot
2006-11-24, 08:40
If this device could host, what else would you need -- just a router/hub with a networked disk drive?

Yep, that's about it.

Unfortunately, something I forgot about, you'd have a 2-hop wireless arrangement. The Pepper Pad 3 has no Ethernet port so it can't be wired (it does have a USB port so you can use one of those USB - Ethernet adapters though).

But yes, you'd need a router that it could talk to and that could talk back to the SB, plus if the 20/30 GB internal drive wasn't large enough, a large HDD, either attached to the Pepper Pad 3's USB port or otherwise visible on the network through, say, a simple NAS like a Linksys NSLU2. I believe there are one or two wireless routers with a simple NAS capability, i.e. Linksys WRTSL54GS.

Mark Lanctot
2006-11-24, 08:55
Another thought, and one that could potentially put the brakes on installing SlimServer on this thing.

What flavour of Linux does it run?

Unfortunately, it's not any old Linux, it's:

Linux 2.6 for AMD Geode and Intel Xscale

(from http://www.pepper.com/platform/system_software.html )

This seems to imply that it's custom-complied for those processors.

But all the same, the AMD LX800 is an x86 processor according to AMD. However, is it just a custom-compiled kernel with an overlaying windowing system, or is it Red Hat, Debian, gentoo, etc? This will have an impact on what you can install.

I would assume, this being a Linux device, that there's a development community out there for it that would have more answers to these questions.

There are some indications at http://www.pepper.com/linux/ that all software needs to be specially-compiled for it. I've never had to do anything like this, I'm not sure how tricky it could be. But it's not as simple as just downloading something to it and installing.

If anyone does get this device, they should get the Unix SlimServer forum involved. I'm sure one of the 'nix gurus there can help out.

I'd hate to see gandt realize at about 11:30 AM on Christmas Day that you can't just download SlimServer to it and away you go... :-(

2006-11-24, 09:08
Im not counting on running slim on it - just using it like a glorified nokia 770 plus replacement slim remote. Running slim as well would be a bonus - looking around it also seems softsqueeze works straight out of the box so Ive also got a pseudo squeesebox for the bathroom

There seems to be a lot of other stuff that also works straight out of the box its a fairly normal Fedora Core 4 so Im hopeful it wouldn't be too much work...


Mark Lanctot
2006-11-24, 09:21
There seems to be a lot of other stuff that also works straight out of the box its a fairly normal Fedora Core 4 so Im hopeful it wouldn't be too much work...

Ah, I see:


The Pepper Pad 3 will not be running a virgin Fedora Core 4 installation; it will be about 95% Fedora Core 4 with the remaining 5% of the packages customized and upgraded by Pepper. Basically, we've used Fedora Core 4 and all of its benefits as the baseline operating system, written a bunch of custom apps, and then upgraded some of the core ourselves to newer versions (X, Window Manager, etc.). Most notable of which is our custom kernel based on all of AMD's Geode code. We will be maintaining a custom yum updates server to keep the Pepper Pad 3 updated, happy, and healthy.

What it boils down to is that the Pepper Pad 3 is primarily a consumer device where the underlying operating system should be transparent to the end user. Installing additional Fedora Core 4 packages is nice for hackers but 99% of our customers won't know or care that Linux is under the covers.

So you'd just use the RPM then.

2006-11-24, 09:28
If I dare...
maybe I'll work out how to back the thing up first...