View Full Version : Playing music without a PC

2006-11-22, 02:41
I have stored all my music on an Ethernet Hard Drive, so I can access it from any PC in the house.
Is it possible to play music via my Squeezebox without having to turn on any computer?

2006-11-22, 02:48
Further to my posting I'm wondering if Slim Devices' Transporter will solve the problem for my hi-fi, if not for my portable devices? Does Transporter have its own version of SlimServer built in?

2006-11-22, 03:04
Just a ethernet disk will not be able to provide the necessary services for Squeezebox and/or Transporter to play music - unless that disk happens to run the Slimserver software (which I assume it doesn't). You need to have a computer that runs Slimserver but this does not necessarily mean that you need a standard PC humming all the time.

Linksys NSLU2 seems to be a popular choice to build a Slimserver around. Search the forums for more information. Personally, I run Slimserver on a 800MHz fanless server with a 500GB hard drive that spins down when not in use.

While setting up any of these solutions can be more complex than installing the Slimserver software on a standard PC, there are turn-key solutions available that includes everthing needed for Squeezebox and/or Transporter. But then, of course, the cost goes up.

As to your question about Transporter there is no difference about the requirement for a server between that and the Sqeezebox.

2006-11-22, 12:44
I'll check out the Linksys device you mentioned.

2006-11-22, 13:07
What brand and model of NAS (Network Attached Storage, aka ethernet hard disk) do you have? Depending on your answer, installing slimserver on it is (a) impossible (b) difficult, but possible, or (c) easy.

Search the forums for Synology, LinkStation, QNAP, and Infrant to get some idea of the range of possibilities. You might be in luck.