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Rodrigo Moura
2006-11-21, 07:31
Im not an owner of a Squeezebox yet and Im trying to make up my mind about which hardware I should get. Im still considering Roku, and Sonos. Id appreciate some insights. Ive read about roku, but nothing on Sonos here.

About the Wireless bridge features, I would like to know if I use the cat5 cable, since I have my home all wired, I could use Squeezebox as an access point to my home network. Otherwise, I would not buy the wireless model.

Also is it possible to keep my Itunes playlists with Slim Server ?

Thanks, rmoura

2006-11-21, 07:42
No, a Squeezebox won't work as an access point. If you want one of those you'd have to buy one separately (but they are not very expensive these days).

Yes, you can use iTunes playlists - download the slimserver software and try it out with the softsqueeze emulator to see how it works.


Rodrigo Moura
2006-11-21, 07:47
Hey Ceejay, tks for yor reply !

2006-11-21, 08:02
it is a great idea tho... let the SB be an access point when wired in.

or i suppose technically if ur SB could still get wireless coverage, you could then bridge in an AP via the ethernet bridge.

reminds me of another product (that can do this) i read about recently:


at some point, i want to put a post together of all the different products out there like this one above, (from apple, logitech, linksys, roku, sonos, etc...) and cull from that list the best features that the SD product is missing.

a SB4 could be better than all of them, IF it offered everything they can do, along with everything it does already.