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John Quirk
2003-12-15, 12:39
Hi Dean,
You'd think that this was the case wouldn’t you, but it's not. I run the
slim service as my user account (not that I can see why it would make any
difference, I have no file level security set up as far as ML is
concerned...). It definitely doesn’t work if you run the service, but
definitely does if you run the console app.

Is there any debuggin' I can do on this?



Hi John,

That's true. The SlimServer service runs as the default System user, not as
the user with the MoodLogic information. You can change this by going to:

Control Panels -> Administrative Tools -> Services

then scroll to SlimServer and get properties. Click the Log On tab then set
it to log in as your specific user.


On Dec 13, 2003, at 12:26 PM, John Quirk wrote:

> Dean et al.
> There's a problem with running the Slim service under XP and moodlogic
> integration:
> If you install the slim service Moodlogic integration is no longer
> available.
> Browse to Server Settings, no moodlogic option, unless you use the
> Fishbone skin, then it appears, but doesn't do anything.
> I also appear to be unable to launch the server app.
> If you stop the slim service and launch the server app, it never makes
> the interface available, but displays the SlimServer for windows...
> Starting up dialogue.
> When you close the dialogue it asks if you also want to stop the
> server. You say no and open the browser interface, Moodlogic is
> available.
> In short, the "Slim Server" XP service does _not_ allow access to
> moodlogic, but the SlimServer process spawned by launching the server
> app does.
> Strange eh?
> I am running on XP SP1, server build 5.01.
> JQ