View Full Version : More Cover Art weirdness

2006-11-19, 06:55
I rip cd's to individual folders and then I place a cover.jpg in each folder -- had been going OK, but I am now experiencing an issue where slimserver is not reading the cover.jpg out of the albums folder, but instead, its reading a cover.jpg from ANOTHER album. I have performed many "clear and rescan" yet it doesn't seem to be helping.

I should mention that the cd's that exhibit this problem are of the same work. Ie. 2 different versions of Durufle's Requiem. That being said, I have other versions of this work in the system without issue.



2006-11-19, 07:16
Try clearing you're browser's cache. I had a similar problem with Firefox until I cleared the cache, then as if by magic everything started working like it should.

2006-11-19, 08:23

That was it. I do find that I have to clear the Firefox Cache after every new entry is added. bummer.

Thanks though!


2006-11-19, 10:41
I initially had to clear the cache when I was adding cover art a lot at a time, but now that things have slowed down Firefox behaves quite well.