View Full Version : Router ip showing up for both SqueezeBox and SlimServer

2006-11-18, 22:29
Has anybody ever seen this before? SlimServer sees the SqueezeBox as having my wireless router's ip address (it's the gateway address), and the SqueezeBox determines that SlimServer is running on a machine with the right name as my server, but also having the wireless router's ip address.

I'm assuming this is a router setup issue... I'm using a LinkSys WRT54GL with SveaSoft firmware. I'll also post on their forum.

I'm using WPA2 authentication/encryption, and I wonder if this has something to do with it (could just be this router's implementation or a setting, as I mentioned).

If anyone's had this problem before, please let me know what you did to correct it. Things work allright, but some of the packets flowing through the router are shown as coming from it, not from the originating machine, and I can't configure my software firewall properly because of it.

Thanks for everyone's help as I get things up and running, by the way!

Edit: I just looked closely during setup of the SqueezeBox, and during network-setup time, it reports the ip address it got from DHCP correctly (, but in Settings->Information->Player Information it reports the ip address as

Now how could that be? Is the firmware using the Default Gateway address for it's own address by accident in some cases? Hmm...

- Tim