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Deaf Cat
2006-11-18, 08:42

Can you help?

Trying to remember a track that I heard maybe 10 or more years ago quite a heavy rock song as far as I can remember, good long guitar solo in the middle, and Princess of the Dawn was mentioned quite a bit in it.

Any ideas?

Cheers :)

2006-11-18, 11:53
http://www.acceptarchive.com/html/disc-restless.html perhaps?

Deaf Cat
2006-11-18, 15:52
oh ho! Cheers SnarlyD

I few of the words in the song actually ring a bell or two!

wonderfull stuff :D

I'll be hearing it soon, fingers crossed

Deaf Cat
2007-02-15, 11:57
Well that took long enough to arrive a!

Yep its the one

Cheers :D

2007-02-15, 12:42
So long that the link isn't any good anymore! So what is it?

2007-02-15, 12:58
http://www.darklyrics.com/lyrics/accept/restlessandwild.html for the lyrics or http://www.amazon.com/Restless-Wild-Accept/dp/B0007ZBG24 which is supposedly in stock.

Three month wait is amazing.

Deaf Cat
2007-02-19, 05:57
Three month wait is amazing.

Ah, I went the ebay shop route:

- 1st the wrong cd arrived (similar-ish title) that went back,
- Was advised, now out of stock, will re-order with suppliers,
- Was advised, posted, but I did not receive, asked for proof of postage....
- Was advised, will re-order from another source,
- Eventually recieved correct title, but Not the remastered as originally ordered, also recieved refund, So I'm Happy :-)

Did not expect that sort of a wait though.

Nice to get refund and cd, made up for wait....I think.