View Full Version : Pandora in "read-only" mode

2006-11-17, 19:51
I just got and hooked up my squeezebox v3 last night, got it setup on squeeze network and got pandora playing on it, the sole reason I bought the squeezebox. It was a little confusing because it spits out different pins every time I check, but it worked ok, I rated some songs yay or nay (and I remember it skipping to the next track after a nay vote).

Today however when I tried to rate songs I noticed it says pandora is in "read-only" mode... I can rate songs from the pandora site or from the interface on squeeze networks. I've tried removing and re-adding my player (with those pins which are always different...) to squeezenetwork and so far I haven't been able to fix it. Is this anything anyone is familiar with? Earlier today it couldn't connect to pandora even though I could bring it up on my computer.. however about 20 minutes later that problem went away.

2006-11-18, 05:07
I'm see the same behaviour in my set up (v. 6.5.1). The station is in read-only mode the day after i created it. And Pandora can really make my little Squeezy freeze. It seems very busy when connected to Pandora. It's doesn't scroll the display very nice (jerky) and it's very sluggish.

2006-11-18, 06:26
I'm getting this too. On a couple of occasions when Pandora has done maintenance, they'll go into a "read only" mode. However, in the past they have announced this on their blog...and it doesn't sound like they're doing maintenance now. Really frustrating.

2006-11-18, 17:39
I'm still trying to figure out this problem but I don't find anything wrong. squeezebox connects to squeezenet ok, my pandora account on squeezenetwork is set up properly, I've checked the password and it's ok.. as far as I know that's basically the chain. I can rate songs from squeezenet interface ok... it was working the first day but after that it's been in "read-only" mode.

2006-11-18, 17:58
After my last post I figured I should actually continue troubleshooting and I tried some stuff, I started off listening to my quickmix most likely, which has two stations. One is new, the other has been my main station for a long time and when I tried to see if downratings from the squeezenet web interface were actually showing up in the "songs you didn't like" area, firefox would just crash every time, I have that many songs in there.

I created a new station and went to it on the squeezebox, I was able to rate songs and everything showed up properly when I went to pandora and viewed the test station... Since I ramble a lot I'll summarize it

if your station is huge and crufty, it might be too big or something for the squeezebox to rate it for some reason...

so if I want to rate songs I guess I'll just listen to my new station (luckily I like it about as much as my old station.)For now I think I'll continue listening to my quickmix and see if songs from the new station can be rated.

2006-11-19, 01:25
it now seems like I can rate stuff ok regardless of what station it's from... shrug

2006-11-20, 02:18
As of this evening, when I play a station in Pandora, I see the title scroll once, then the screen says "Press PLAY to play this station". Of course, it is already playing, and pressing PLAY gives an error message to that effect. And now I can't get the "read-only" mode message, but am stuck in the "Press PLAY" state.

Sounds like the Pandora menus have changed and SqueezeNetwork doesn't know about it.