View Full Version : SlimServer on NT4 With Layered Music Directory

Rob Studdert
2003-12-15, 05:52
On 14 Dec 2003 at 20:37, mic bean wrote:

> Unfortunately,I have a small problem that I cannot seem to figure out. I am
> running Windows NT 4.0 Server and have installed SlimServer as an AUTOMATIC
> service running under the SYSTEM account. I use anXP Pro workstation on the NT4s
> domain andI have my music collection in a directory (share)on the NT4s server
> which contains numerous multiple subdirectories of Artist/Album. I have pointed
> SlimServer's Music folder to the directory containing my MP3s, E:\Music and
> clicked RESCAN. No matter how many times I click this or long I wait it says I
> have 0 albums with 0 songs by 0 artists. However, when I point SlimServerto
> E:\Music\Artist\Album I geta list of available songs for that single A! rtist
> and Album.&nb! sp; So what's the deal?

Have you provided a valid account for the machine serving the music files in
the SlimServer service log-on properties?

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