View Full Version : Problems with SB3 and DAC

2006-11-16, 14:14
This one has me stumped....

I have an SB3 and Entech number cruncher DAC. When I connect the SB3 to my Pioneer receiver directly via coaxial, it sounds fine.

However...when I connect via the DAC....coaxial from SB3 to DAC, analog outs from DAC to receiver, it sounds horrible....crackling, etc. I am pretty sure the DAC is fine as I had it in my other audio system and it was fine. Also, I have a little big bigger Entech DAC connected to this other audio system, via coax and analog and it sounds great...

Any troubleshooting steps???

2006-11-16, 15:33
Troubleshooting Step #1:
Without changing anything else in either system (leave all the cables, Entech power supplies, everything, where they are), simply swap your two Entech DACs and see if the problem stays with the system or with the DAC.