View Full Version : Podcast problem

2006-11-15, 16:13
Maybe I have completely misunderstood something but I have a problem with podcasts on my Transporter. I am trying to add podcasts from the Swedish Radio, e.g.:


When I begin playing a podcast there is a horrible scratching sound. After that everything plays fine.

I noticed that the logotype of the radio company is embedded within the mp3 file . I was wondering if that was perhaps where the noise comes from.

Any suggestions?

2006-11-17, 11:08
Hi, I have the exact same problem with the feeds from Norwegian Broadcasting on my Squeezebox. (http://podkast.nrk.no/program/herreavdelingen.rss).

2006-11-17, 11:11
See this thread. It sounds like the same issue ? If so, it's a bug.