View Full Version : Missing Artists

2006-11-15, 12:45
These results are always after a erase/rebuild library.

I search for an artist who I know exist and get no results.

If I search for the compilation CD the artist appears on, the tracks are there with the correct artist name. When I select the track and then artist from the CD, I again get no results.

I then noticed the same is true for most other artists on this compilation. If this is the only appearance for the artist they get no results when I search for them. If the artist has other appearances in my collection their search results exclude just this particular compilation.

This CD was added maybe a month ago, but CDs added before and since seem to be fine.

I've been using a few 6.5.1 releases including the one from last night.

2006-11-17, 11:59
Well, this is a disappointment. I disable playlists and rescan and the missing artist show up. This sounds like the opposite problem I used to have with 6.3x where playlists would cause duplicate search results. This has been going on forever. Would like to use playlists some day.

On my way to bug report it.