View Full Version : WMV streams through Infrant ReadyNAS

2006-11-15, 10:13

I'm a bit naive on this streaming stuff, so this maybe the wrong place or the wrong question.

Anyway - my Infrant ReadyNas NV is merrily serving FLAC very nicely, and the SB3s are connecting to the squeezenetwork without a hitch for Pandora and so on.

I want to use the BBC WMV streams, and while I understand the issues with Real (AlienBBC transcodes Real to MP3 on the fly, and the ReadyNAS can't hack the load), I am not up to speed with WMV.

Q1, I guess, is can the SB3 play WMV natively?
Q2 is, if so, then can it be streamed across the ReadyNAS Slimserver?
Q3 is, if so, then how do I do it?