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2006-11-15, 01:43
I have recently set up my squeezebox 2 wireless version and i went through the procedure which worked well. The computer and squeezebox began talking to each other and then it told me it needed a software update. I pressed and held the brightness button like it told me and it froze. This happens each time i switch it on and i cannot progress without this update. When i switch the squeezebox on and leave it to run the message "connecting to slimserver" is displayed and nothing else happens. The computer initially tells me the software needs updating and then after a while says that my player was not found. Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone had a similar problem. Help i am about to launch it out of the window.

2006-11-15, 02:37
Try making a wired connection while updating. That can avoid problems.

And it will do no harm (though is probably not necessary) to go through the setup procedure again after updating.

You don't mention your OS. Some of us with a working system have still found that pressing the Power button does not always start up the SB, and there have been various solutions discussed on this forum.

2006-11-15, 15:33
The operating system i am using is XP and the router is the orange livebox, i have tried bringing the squeezebox to the computer but still no good, will have to try the wire idea unless anyone has any other suggestions