View Full Version : Cover Art and Sensemaker Skin problem; Moodlogic Integration;getting cover art to work

Charles Stanton
2003-12-14, 12:34

I have the original Ethernet slim, f/w 2.2, slimserver 5.0.1. I noticed
that I can not get cover art to display while using either the NBMU or
SenseMaker skins. Is this by design? If not, since these are both very nice
skins, is there a way I can fix it?

I also have seen some posts that indicate there is a setting in the
SlimServer settings for Moodlogic integration.....I don't seem to see
anything in the settings

I had a problem with cover art not showing up, but the fix that seemed to
work was to put the file name (in my case cover.jpg) in the field in the
server settings, rather than leaving it blank and it did the trick.

Any help would be great....