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2006-11-14, 03:55
In Server settings - File types there is the file format conversion setup. There are several entries per file format, and I would like to know which one the Slimserver will use. For example for Flac there is the builtin, a conversion to MP3 and a conversion to wav.

Will the Slimserver always pick a format that the Squeezebox can handle natively first, so not convert Flac to anything else, or will it always pick the topmost entry for a format first?

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

2006-11-14, 06:38
My understanding is that slimserver will choose conversion in the following order if multiple entries are enabled:
1) no transcoding necessary (eg flac --> flac (native) ) if the source format is compressed
2) transcode to a natively supported compressed lossless format (eg aac --> flac)
3) transcode to a natively supported compressed lossy format (eg wav --> mp3)
4) transcode to a natively supported uncompressed format (eg mp3 --> wav)


2006-11-14, 11:32
The player type determines the target format by preference.

SB3/3 and Transporter will request wma ogg flc aif wav mp3 in that
If there is a built-in palyback, or a transcoding option that works,
you get playback.
if not, it moves on to the next or fails after the last.

This way, you can have conversions to wav mp3 and flac and the SB2 will
use the flac output, SB1 will use WAV and SliMP3 or
software clients using stream.mp3 will use the mp3 conversion.