View Full Version : Missing SSODS panel in ssods-r2b7-ppc

2006-11-13, 09:02
Hi FlipFlip,

After install the b7 on my DS-101g+, the SSODS panel is missing from my Network page. (it does correctly on b6)
Kindly please double check what's going wrong???

2006-11-14, 06:30
Please give me more info (see section "Support" in README.ssods).

I at least need:

- the install log file
- ds model, firmware version

Or use the deinstallation patch and install again from scratch. On my DS it worked.. (standard stable firmware, no mods), both installing from scratch and upgrading from r2b6. There is another complaint of SSODS panel not appearing, i'll check that. But it seems to have worked for others (28 downloads of r2b7 so far..).


2006-11-14, 08:30
Ok, it was my mistake, there was an error in the file ssods.conf. I just uploaded a fixed version which should work. I'll look into it in more detail tonight and upload a r2b8 version.

Sorry for any inconvenience,


2006-11-14, 14:51
r2b8 sould fix the problem and is ready for download (in a minute or so..).