View Full Version : 6.5.0 Will Not Start

2006-11-12, 14:52
I had 6.5 working fine on another computer, but moved to a new computer and installed the GA release 6.5 on Windows XP Pro, however, the slimtray and slim.exe will not start. It just blinks in the tray and never starts. So far I have:
1) in/uninstalled and restarted 4 times
2) copied my old slim folder over and tried that

I followed one of the links that mentions setting it up as a services from a dos prompt, but I get an error that says PERL failed.

Is there a way to manually add this as a service? Is that necessary, because I don't recall doing that on the last install on the old computer.

Any help is appreciated.

Mark Lanctot
2006-11-12, 15:02
Does the Windows Event Viewer show anything?

2006-11-12, 19:27
Nothing related to Slim or Slimserver

2006-11-13, 18:44
I was able to fix the problem by upgrading and installing the latest nightly build for 6.5.1. I didn't have to change any ports in my firewall, so it must have been a bug in 6.5.0