View Full Version : which 2way remote is usable (uPnP?)

2006-11-12, 06:06
Help me before I run over to Sonos, I hope I am missing something...

I've been playing with the Nokia 770 skin, SlimRemote and TelCanto. All of which are nice gimmicks, but I fail to find them really useful. This is only partially due to sluggish software, a fair share goes to the hardware. For a real remote I prefer hard tactile buttons, and a jogdial is just sooo useful. I don't want to sit on the sofa fumbling with a loose little stick.

The only PDAs with a jogdial I could find are the older Dell Axon 30 series and a top notch Toshiba e800. Does anybody have experience with these, could the jogdial be used for browsing with SlimRemote or TelCanto?

Another option would be a uPnP remote, but I have no idea and found nothing on how slimserver works along with that. What exacly are its uPnP capabilities, is that working as of today? Is anybody running a uPnP server feeding into SlimServer? I'm afraid too much may get lost along such a complicated setup with 3 vendors (uPnP server, Slimserver, remote).

Or are there ways to "hack" slick two-way slimserver control into a Nevo SL, Philips Pronto, Logitech Harmony or what else?


2006-11-12, 08:22
Or are there ways to "hack" slick two-way slimserver control into a Nevo SL, Philips Pronto, Logitech Harmony or what else?

Unfortunately the Pronto and Harmony models are completely out in this department. The Nevo is WiFi and as far as I recall should support uPnP. In addition you can look at the Philips RC9800i (http://www.homecontrol.philips.com/) which provides a tablet layout closer to the unit for Sonos.

When I finally get my SB I think I'd like something like this as well. I've been looking at the Nokia 770 but haven't done enough research into user-experiences. But I suspect it can't be any faster than using the 770 skin through a standard browser on my PowerBook, which is a mixed bag.

The SONOS definitely has a slick hand-held remote with a slick interface on top of a solid piece of hardware. Unfortunately that's where it ends for that device. I wasn't going to settle for a device where I didn't have a unit that could stay in a fixed location with its own display.

Marying the two conceps seems like a natural fit and I'm sure it's something we'll see explored by Logitech in the future. In the meantime I can't offer a concrete solution. If the SONOS units were using standard WiFi perhaps they'd be hackable to work with Slimserver. I recal they use their own network though, don't they?