View Full Version : Tagging/placement issues

2006-11-11, 05:21
Weird one here, I've tagged "Blondie" and "Deborah Harry" as "Blondie/Deborah Harry" just to lump then together, rather than being in B & D branches. How do I put them both into the same branch? Also have problems with "Sophie Ellis Bextor" and "Sophie Ellis-Bextor"

In Winamp it places them into the correct branch.
edit looks like winamp flac plugin was borfed, it wasen't changing the flac tags. Reinstalled flac plugin in seems to be ok (rebuilding SS so this'll take a while)

right flac is working now, and SS has put them all together correctly. But Sophie E-B which is a MP3 has single track on it's own from other tracks which are tagged Sophie EB! It was saying "Bextor" and "Bexter" in SB, yet in Winamp all files showed as single. I don't know what's happened but it now works.

Most strange.