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2006-11-10, 08:50

(Slimserver 6.5.0 9916 Windows XP EN cp1252)

I'm creating my own web interface to control slimserver.
I'm using an ActiveX that opens one socket for commands and querys and another socket for subscribes (using CLI plugin)

It works quite fine thanks to your great job guys.

My question :
Since I can have many commands/queries "at the same time"
my control adds a context string at the end of each command/query
so when it gets the response it uses it to find the corresponding command/query (I hope my english is clear :-|).

I got a problem with mixer muting command
I want to use it without parameters, so as a toggle:
Playerid mixer muting

it works fine without context string(toggle ok)
but when I add my context string, it doesn't work any more (no effect on volume).

Please let me know if anyone has encountred a similar problem.


2006-11-10, 11:31
I confirm it does not work. Toggle is only possible if muting it the last thing on the command line.

Now you probably can check the muting status with ? and then invert yourself? Or post a bug in bugzilla.


2006-11-10, 12:41
Thanks For your answer.

The fact is that I already have too many CLI requests,
and I have delay problems (time for CLI answers +time for parsing)

So I'm trying to minimize requests number :-(

2006-11-10, 13:25
Did you try the status request? It gives you a lot of stuff in one fell swoop


2006-11-10, 14:14
I do use it, but It doesn't give muting information :-(


2006-11-11, 07:36
Isn't the volume negative when muting is on ?

2006-11-11, 07:48
Yes ... that's true.

I'm trying to use that now ... :-)