View Full Version : USB to Ethernet adaptor and SB3 as bridge? Is what i wanttodo possible?

2006-11-07, 08:37
You could check out the relevant section on the Toppy forums here:


Richard Scales

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Subject: [slim] USB to Ethernet adaptor and SB3 as bridge? Is what i want
todo possible?

Does anyone here know anything about USB to Ethernet adaptors? i.e.
something that would allow me to add a USB HDD to a network?

I am planning to by a Topfield 58000 PVR, which has a USB port only for
moving files on/off it. When you connect it to a PC, you can view the
files/folders in Mass Storage Device mode - but i don't want to keep
dragging it upstairs to my PC. I want to add it to my network using my
Squeezebox3 as a wireless bridge.

What i plan is this;

PC -> Ethernet cable -> Wireless access point -> WiFi -> Squeezebox 3
-> Ethernet cable -> Ethernet to USB adaptor -> Topfield PVR.

It should work, right?

Thing is i has never used an Ethernet-USB adaptor, has anyone got/used
one or have any link to suitable products?

And what issues may i encounter using the SB3 as a wireless bridge?


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2006-12-22, 16:24
do not buy the adapter, it will not work.
Adapters from USB to ethernet are designed to work on a PC and are just meant for having ethernet connectivity without using a LAN card.

The PVR you would be connecting does not have the capabilities of a PC, since it is a "slave" USB device, needing a "master" connection from PC side to work, so it will not be able to drive the ethernet connection.

And even if it could how could it transfer data in the network without a TCP stack and at least some FTP capability? these are totally missing in your PVR.


2006-12-23, 07:22
I might have dreamt this, but I think I read something about the next version of the Toppy having a proper ethernet interface?

Can anyone confirm this?