View Full Version : Problem with LAME PB

Eric Seaberg
2006-11-06, 17:01
I'm running two servers, one at home and one at our studio facility. I've been having problems playing files purchased from Audio Lunchbox (audiolunchbox.com) which encodes all of their files @ 192kVBR using LAME. iTunes plays any of the files without issue, and SlimServer plays MOST of them, but there are some files that will not start PB.

I can FORCE playback by holding FFwd down until I hear sound, then hit pause to resume normal play. Once it gets to the end of the file, it never continues to the next file without going through the same process. I can duplicate this on ANY server I'm running.

I did a little more research and discovered that ALL of the files SlimServer won't play were encoded using LAME 3.93. The ones that do play were encoded using LAME 3.96 or later.

Any ideas?

Mac OS 10.4.8
SlimServer 6.5.1
Playback via SoftSqueeze and SB3 either local or TCP (remote)