View Full Version : 6.5.1 Streams in iTunes playlists not shown

2006-11-06, 17:00
In past releases (e.g. 6.3) I have been able to drag my favorite iTunes streams in to a iTunes playlist which I can then access from my Squeezebox. This ability no longer works in 6.5.1 of the Slimserver SW. It simply shows an empty playlist.

Any ideas or information on a patch/fix?


2006-11-14, 17:02
Is this function working OK for others? If so, what should I look at correcting on my server?



2006-11-15, 02:24
I don't use Itunes, but someone posted something similar a few weeks ago, and then found their problem was solved by doing a full clear and rescan in Slimserver. Maybe try that ?

2006-11-15, 09:42
I had a similar issue. This is how I resolved it:

-my iTunes playlist prefix was blank, so I added one
-did a playlist only scan
-streams (and other missing playlist items show up)

-just for grins, set playlist prefix back to blank
-did a playlist only scan
-all playlists still show correctly...

I'm not convinces that the prefix had anything to do with it. I wish I had tried a rescan before changing it to test.