View Full Version : Thumbnails in Gallery view not always right

2006-11-06, 07:14
I saw this in SS 6.3.1 and now in 6.5.0. I just started adding album art and in the gallery view the thumbnails are sometimes associated with the wrong album. Sometimes it's albums by the same artist, sometimes it's completely unrelated artists. At the album level the artwork is correct. The kicker is, if I do a wipe and rescan it's usually corrected, but I later find others that were correct before are now mixed up.

My file structure is pretty simple: folder for each artist with a subfolder for each album. I only have one image available, cover.jpg, which are usually 240x240.

Any thoughts on this?

2006-11-07, 19:14
Like a previous problem for me it turned out to be a cache issue with Firefox.

2006-11-09, 01:59
I have had a similar issue. Thumbnails in gallery view consistently do not show album cover and instead show a generic "?" folder icon. In album view, the album thumbnail is displayed correctly.

I use "cover.jpg" in each folder specific for a given album. I am using SB 6.5.0 on XP Pro with no pluggins using IE, not Firefox. I have tried several versions of 6.5.1 after a clean install with the same effect.

Any suggestions?

2006-11-09, 02:10
Try doing a full rescan (maybe even clear & rescan for good measure). If you add new images they will be picked up in the album view but not in the gallery view.