View Full Version : Radiotime and 6.3.1

2006-11-05, 13:00
Hello all,

This probably has been answered before but I couldn't find a definete answer so I decided to ask here.

This there a way to chime into radiotime while still using SS 6.3.1? I'm unable to upgrade to 6.5 because I have to connect to internet radio via the computer.

Is there a reason why my SB will connect to internet radio with 6.3.1 through my computer but I'm still unable to connect to squeezenetwork?

Thank you.

Mark Lanctot
2006-11-05, 13:38
I'm not sure what you mean by "through your computer". How is the SB connected? Using a crossover cable direct to the PC, not wired or wirelessly to your router?

If that's what you're doing, how does your PC get Internet access? Do you have a second network card or are you connecting wirelessly? If so, you need to "bridge" the Internet connection to the one your SB uses.

If you're on Windows, google "Internet Connection Sharing" or ICS.

2006-11-06, 05:10
Mark, thank you very much.

The times previous that I tried to do this I mistakenly set to share the wrong connection. I've connected my SB to my laptop which connects to the internet through a NIC. It has to be this way because of my ISP. As stated in a previous post with which you helped me out greatly.

I've connected to SN and have been able to connect to radiotime. I believe now that I have this connection working I can upgrade to SS 6.5 er so.

Mark Lanctot
2006-11-06, 07:09
So you have it working? Good!

When upgrading to 6.5, UNINSTALL 6.3 and delete the SlimServer directory! This will also remove all plugins. When reinstalling, make sure your plugins are compatible with 6.5.