View Full Version : streaming slimserver to nokia S60 phone (N80)

2006-11-05, 10:14
I was one of those people looking out of a boombox version of the slimserver. I guess the problem with such a device is that it would need to be tethered by weighty batteries or a mains power supply.

However, with a Nokia N80 or other S60 phone with wi-fi you can achieve a similar effect with the freely available open source internet radio player. The downside is that you cannot control the stream from the phone, and wi-fi reception from the phone is not particularly powerful. Nonetheless this is extremely cool.

You need to install the both the Nokia open source Internet Radio application and Shoutcast engine from:


You will also need to create a playlist file (e.g. slimserver.pls) and copy to the /Shoutcast directory on the same drive as the installation. For me the file looks like this:

Title1=Mobile Slimserver

Also, if you want to be able to use AlienBBC (listen again in the bath is definitely where it's at!) you will need to make the modification to RTSP.pm as helpfully outlined in:


Don't forget to throttle the bitrate to your mobile once it appears in the players list and you will have a cool mobile radio you can use around the house!

2007-11-13, 17:55
I am trying to get this to work on my nokia E60, but I get the error message that it could not connect to shoutcast -25 or something. I am using wifi for this.