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2006-11-05, 10:01
With my SQ3 about a week old now, I've been adding to my library and have a couple of hundred Flac'ed albums on my PC. Now I know I have to get Slimserver to update its d/b via a recan under Server Settings/rescan music library. I do this I note there is a message at the top informing me that a rescan is in progress................but what next? How lomg should I leave this to do (I know it will depend on quantity of albums etc) but for 150 albums are we talking minutes/hours/days? Will I get an "Updated" dialogue? Can I exit from Slimserver or do I have to remain in it? Can I continue to add Flacs at the same time or will this mess things up?

Thanks folks. These may seem small issues, but when one is in the dark, it is tricky to find the light switch !!

2006-11-05, 10:11
If you're adding lots of CDs, a good tip is to let the rescan run at a scheduled time overnight (see server settings - plugins).

If you've just added a few and want to get at them NOW, you can always run the scanner as a separate program from the command line (from 6.5 onwards), I find this to be very quick.


Mark Lanctot
2006-11-05, 10:23
Also if you just add a CD or two, all you have to do is navigate to them using Browse Music Folder. Once you see the album with a list of its tracks, it's added to the database.

Note this doesn't import cover art - for that you have to do a rescan.

BTW I have 355 albums in my library, a rescan only takes about 2-1/2 minutes.