View Full Version : can not access slimdevices network atall, need help

2006-11-05, 08:38

I somehow can't access the slimdevices network at all, with that I mean my PC, nor my notebook or my SB can connect to 207.7.156.* network. My browser will timeout on slimdevices.com or squeezenetwork.com... my friends in the neighborhood using the same ISP have no problems at all. I tried to reset my router and everything, but no success. I talked to my ISP and he guaranteed me, that they didn't ban any IP-Adress on my account and they never do that...

Do you guys ban certain IP-Adresses if the generate to much traffic?

Mainly listening to Pandora and the joke is, I can access pandora.com and listen to it over the internet explorer no problem...

please help,

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