View Full Version : Random mix won't add songs

2006-11-05, 00:49
I have over 20,000 songs in my library when I select random mix (random song mix) it shows 10 upcoming songs and 5 recently played songs but it won't add any more as it's playing so it gets to the 10th song and then plays them all again. I have repeat turned off. It used to work OK but has suddenly started doing this. Can anyone help?.

2006-11-05, 01:10
Is the "Add new items when old ones finish" checkbox on the Random Mix page selected ?

2006-11-05, 01:20
there is no such checkbox! I'm using version 6.5.0

2006-11-05, 01:30
This is the result of old templates (web pages) lying around which are
not properly removed during the 6.5.0 install.
you can install the 6.5.1 nightly builds

or do a complete uninstall, remove c:\program
files\slimserver\server\HTML, and install 6.5.0 again