View Full Version : support@slimdevices.com down?

2006-11-04, 15:15
My SB2 died and sending an e-mail to support bounced :(

It's down half a day and I already miss it a lot. *help*
This is what I tried to mail support:

My SB2 (s/n 230FFAA) no longer works. This is what I'v checked:
- power is OK, I measured 5V 3V3 and 1V2 testpoints and they all look ok
- reseated CPU board (several times) (this has fixed it twice in the past but not now)
- display doesn't even show the faint green glow at the sides.
- not seen on the network
- tested without wifi board doesn't make a difference.

What are my options now? Anything more I can check?

2006-11-06, 00:43
bump bump bump

2006-11-06, 05:32
Ah... it no longer bounces.
Whoever fixed it, thanks...